Itaapy is an Open Source service provider. We are specialists in the Python programming language, ODF and Git, using agile methods.

Our Solutions

web site icon Web Sites from A to Z
Benefit a complete service to build your web site from coaching to programming. Discover itws an easy, friendly and powerfull tool.
intranet icon Collaborative intranet
entreprise portal, HR portal, collaborative workspaces, workflows
paperless office icon e-Management 
Online forms with iScrib, digital preservation, BPM...
Entreprise content Management (ECM)
Paperless office, Knowledge Management (KM), wiki, forum...
e-commerce icon E-commerce
Shop and online catalog with a simple and flexible solution evolving to fit your needs, coaching, seo, complete outsourcing.
application icon Specific applications
Development that match your expectatives, a robust and effective technical framework, agile methods to insure sucess!

For your organization

Small and Medium Business (SMB)
Itaapy, a technical partner to help your growth 
Public administrations
Itaapy, years of success working with public administrations of all size.

Our specific know-how

Applied research
Coordinators of lpOD project, lots of open source projects since 2003 (itools, ODF Translation Converter, ...)
Open Source expert
Information System integration, Process, Python, Zope, ODF, agile methods, consulting, audit, ...

À votre service

Petites et Moyennes Entreprises
Itaapy un partenaire technologique qui accompagne votre développement.
Service public
Itaapy un acteur aux nombreuses références dans l'administration publique.
Grands comptes
Itaapy réalise des missions de conseil, des audits ou encore des développements autour de technologies open source pour des grands comptes.

Open Source Activist


As a company we primarily focus on web and internet application development using Python and other open source tools.

Itaapy employees have many years of experience using a wide variety of languages and technologies to solve all sort of business requirements on many different platforms.

We are experienced in utilising frameworks based on Python: Plone, Zope, CPS, iKaaro, Django, TurboGears.